Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holy Fast 6 Months Batman!

So today I come bearing NO pictures. But I will be taking some tonight and will update when I get a chance. But I just have one simple little song to sing today.

Happy half birthday to Lily
Happy half birthday to Lily
Happy half birthday to my Lily-mon.
Happy half birthday to Lily

Man has it just zoomed right on by. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting her arrival by making sure everything was in it's proper place in the nursery, only to re-arrange it the next day cause I had nothing better to do.

And now... We are up to 3 meals a day, working on a sippy cup, learning how to sit up without help and giggling like it's going out of style! What a difference just a few meager months can make in the world of a baby.

So anyway, pictures (Christmas ones at that) to follow.

Oh and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I imagine I will have photos and a post for that too. Cause you know I'm one of those people that documents every little thing the girl does. :-)

My baby is getting so big!

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