Monday, January 24, 2011

As It Turns Out

Everyone was right.  They were right about the fact that my girls would be able to share a room with no troubles.  That Lily would learn to sleep through it or get used to it.  We officially moved Claire to their room now.  She is doing great so far in the crib, so I am happy about that.  Adam is back up in our bed (where he rightfully belongs) and Lily is doing SO well.

I just have to take a moment to gush about how wonderful my Lily is.  We explained to her that mommy and daddy would be coming in and out of her room to get baby Claire and put her back in throughout the night and it's really important for her to stay in her bed and not talk in the middle of the night until Mommy or Daddy say it's ok.  We explained that babies wake up a lot and need to eat in the nighttime, unlike her.  That she is a big girl and how much fun it will be to share a room with her Baby Sisser.  And she does just that.  Sure she does wake up when Claire cries.  But she doesn't say a word or anything when Adam goes in to get the baby.  She may wave a little bit, but she does not talk or get out of her bed.  And she is ALWAYS fast asleep when I go and put Claire back in her crib. 

If I had known it would go this smoothly I would have put Claire in there a lot sooner.  I'm so thankful for my big girl Lily and how much she seems to lover her sister.  I have a couple of pretty great little girls.

And with that, I'm sure I jinxed it.

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