Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy Crap...6 weeks already.

Today marks Claire's 6 week milestone.  Where on earth did that time go?  Surely I'd like to know.

I don't really feel like we've made a whole lot of progress from my 5 week update.  We did try to put her in the crib last Friday night and that sorta failed.  I think I just need to re-adjust because it is so much easier with her in the bassinet.  Sometimes I wonder how we did that with Lily, but then I remember that she was sleeping 6 hours at a time at night at this point, where with Claire, On a good night, I'm lucky if I can get her to go 4 hours.  It still baffles me how completely different two babies can really be.  Claire gives us a run for our money that is for sure.

Today is my last day alone with her since Lily is at daycare.  Monday they both go back full time...well 4 days a week anyway.  I'm both dreading AND looking forward to getting back to work for different reasons.  Claire really is the most pleasant during the day and I am going to miss that.  Evenings are still tough around here.  Gradually getting better but still not great.

She is still eating about 2 ounces every 2 hours.  Occasionally she'll go 3 hours on her own during the day and I'm going to try to increase that.  Hopefully having her in daycare will help with that.  Otherwise, we are still just taking things one day at a time around here.  Still getting used to this confusing little person.  But I think we're doing ok.

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