Thursday, January 27, 2011

How is it possible?

That Claire is almost 2 months old already?  Where did THAT time go?  In fact I think it's going even faster with Claire than it did with Lily.  Probably cause I have both of them to keep me busy now.

Quick update:

Claire has mellowed A LOT for me.  I'm loving this.  She doesn't need to be held nonstop and she even seems happy most of the time.

She is sleeping longer and longer stretches now at night too.  So I usually only have to get up with her once now.

Lily still LOVES her and loves sharing a room with her.

She now easily goes 3 hours without eating.  Thank GOD.

That's all for this week.  With that, I'll leave you with the thought below....

Before Claire was born I had these grand ideas of all the gorgeous pictures I'd take of my girls together.  They'd be happy and smiling and beautiful.  Sorta like this one below.

In reality, they usually start out like the one above and quickly move into this:

Which quickly turns into this:

Either way, my girls are beautiful and I love them  Even if one always blinks and the other always cries in pictures.

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  1. I hope the 2 month mark makes a difference for Cici in sleeping and eating... sometimes she eats every 1.5 hours.