Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 Month Update:

So what can the girl do at 8 months?

She can:

Sit up by herself and reach for things well without tipping over

Roll over both ways (finally)

Scream when you take a toy away from her

She laughs uncontrollably when you grunt at her or blow raspberries on her tummy

Reaches for you as if saying "pick me up", when you hold your hands out for her (in fact she did that the whole time I was dressing her this morning, she just wanted me to pick her up)

She also will refuse to go to you if she wants to stay where she is

She blows raspberries and smacks her lips

She is constantly pulling off my glasses

She (most of the time) sleeps straight through the night (and has been for months)

She loves to eat

She hates to nap

She loves All things Animal

She dances when you play music. Even throwing in some interesting head moves

She has a perma-smile

Cannot be left alone in a room without shrieking like there is an axe murderer in there with her

Loves to Jump Jump Jump

Can stand almost independently, but for sure hanging on to someone/something

Has no interest in crawling but is tolerating tummy time a lot better these days (probably cause she can roll back over now)

She STILL has no teeth

She has her first real cold

She Loves the "big girl bathtub" and her duck ducks

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