Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm not even trying to hide it.

I'm a quitter. I quit things. In fact sometimes I think I start things just so I can quit them. (OK that might be an exaggeration but you get my point here)

I was just thinking to myself. I have lots of things I haven't quit on (even though at times I may have wanted to). So I'm making a list, cause it's what I do best. To make myself feel better and prove I CAN stick to things if I truly want to.

1. Being a wife. Hey, it's hard work and I've made it almost 2 years already.
2. Being a mother, and there have been many times I've wanted to quit but she is so dang cute.
3. Scrapbooking. I love it. It's fun and relaxing, I wish I could do it more actually.
4. My Job, Again this is another one that I've wanted to quit several times but that whole "being an adult" thing is sorta holding me back.
5. My blog. I've been doing this since. what? August and still going, in fact I actually write more now than I did. I also really enjoy this and sometimes I yearn to type but have nothing to write about. It's sad really.
6. Caring for my furbabies. Yup my pets. I'm not sure I ever really mention them here but we have 2 cats and a dog and I've had one of the cats for like 14 years now. That's quite an accomplishment. (though Adam takes care of them mostly now.)

Um Yeah, maybe that isn't that many things. But it's still better than nothing right?

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