Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Productivity.

So yesterday Adam was so sweet and kind enough to get up early, get the Monster ready, AND take her over to my Mother-in-Laws house so that I could have a day to rest up and maybe get some much needed housework done. As you all know Lily has been rather needy as of late, which makes it hard to get anything more than a load of dishes done or vacuuming the living room. And I hate to admit it but I don't even remember the last time my shower and the floors had been cleaned. It needed it. Badly.

Stuff I got done yesterday:

Dishes (all of them, dishwasher is empty as I type)
Fronts of cabinets
Swept floor

Dining room:
Got table cleared off
All Christmas decorations down and put away
floor swept and mopped
Table wiped off

Living room/Desk area:
All papers sorted and thrown out
All Christmas decorations down and put away
Floor vacuumed.

Floors vacuumed.

Shower cleaned
Toilet cleaned
Sink Cleaned
Mirror cleaned
Liter box, cleaned
Swept floor and hand washed.
Washed shower curtain and rugs

Bed linens changed/made
All laundry put away

I also worked on laundry all day and got that caught up. With towels, blankets and such.

I would like to have gotten Lily's room cleaned too but sometimes I had to actually rest. I was recovering from my surgery after all. But I was SO happy with my progress that I could finally relax. I had a nice long hot bath and felt so relaxed afterwords.

I think mental health days are So worth it. I feel more at ease in general too. And was SO happy when it was time to go pick up the Monster.


  1. I now understand how hard it is to get things accomplished when you have children. I feel pretty good about just picking the house up for when people come over..I can't imagine how I would feel if I could deep clean the house. Someday..

    Congrats on your accomplishments!

  2. Wow. Good work Miranda! You are welcome at my home anytime! :-)