Monday, September 28, 2009

My 16 month old....

...runs most of the time instead of walking.

...says a lot of words including some we have yet to learn the meaning of (mooey? Booey?) But most importantly she finally says Mommy.

...feeds herself really well with a spoon/fork

...eats pretty much anything you put in front of her, excluding tomatoes and corn.

...has finally learned the kitchen is not hers to play in thanks to the baby gate.

...loves the "puppy" with all her little heart and wants to give him treats every 5 minutes.

...would rather play outside than anything else.

...enjoys emptying and refilling her shoe bin over and over again.

...would wear her snow boots around the house and everywhere she goes.

...loves dancing and "shaking her groove thang".

...thinks she is the funniest person that ever lived and I tend to agree. still our constant source of entertainment.

...has started sleeping less at night. i.e. waking up earlier but this doesn't seem to affect her really.

...has a pretty nasty bruise on her forehead from an incident with the dog and the sidewalk. Which incidentally ruined any pictures I wanted to take of her this month. Still trying to decide if I should post pictures of said bruise for the world to see or not. loving giving us hugs and kisses without being prompted.

...learns something new every single day and I certainly can't keep up with it so I'm sure I've missed some things in this post.

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