Saturday, September 19, 2009

More reader questions answered.

What's been one really awesome/good and one really difficult/icky thing about parenting? (excluding cuddling her and having to get up in the middle of the night)

My number one really awesome thing that I love about being a mother is that every single thing that she learns is brand new! Brand new to her and it's exciting watching her figure out how to do something or learn something new. She gets excited and repeats it (whether she should or not) So really it's like you are experiencing everything for the first time (again) too! Nothing like a baby to make you realize what's important in life.

Let's see, Difficult/icky. Hmmm. I could think of a few, but you said one so I'll give you one. When she gets hurt. That's rough. The cry, the pain you wish you could take away from them. It's hard. To know she's in pain and not really be able to do much about it other than cuddle/love her. Take for example. The other day we were going outside and we have 3 steps in our entryway on the back of the house. I had to close the door and was holding her hand. Had to let go for 2 seconds to pull the door shut and told her to wait for me. And of course she didn't and she fell down those three steps and hit her head on the door frame at the bottom. She cried, But I probably cried harder than her. She was fine in 3 minutes but I was left shaken. Feeling like I should have made her walk back to the door with me so she didn't fall. How could I let that happen to my precious baby. What kind of mother am I? But you know what? Accidents happen, but that guilt you feel as a mother is hard. VERY hard. I'm sure every parent can relate to that.

In the end you have to know that you do the best you can and hindsight is always 20/20. Everyone makes mistakes and wishes they could do things differently. And of course Lily is a very happy/healthy baby and I know she won't even remember falling down those 3 steps so really, let's never speak of it again OK?

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