Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's another of Candi's questions....

What one memory of growing up do you have that, if possible you'd love lily to make for herself?

Now this one is hard. I can't think of any specific memory actually. BUT I can say that a lot of my memories are focused around my brother. (what? He's older, I had to look up to him, it's like a law or something) I actually think a lot of people would say the same about their childhood. I remember making mud pies with my brother, and catching bees in jars and shaking them up (what? don't judge) and then letting them go. Playing in mud puddles and catching salamanders (still can't believe I did that. YUCK). Sledding. Wanting desperately to be included in whatever it was he was doing. Now obviously she won't be able to have the exact same memories, simply because she will be the older child. (and of course I have no idea what kind of memories my brother has, as the older child) But I do hope that she will enjoy playing/being with her brother(s)/Sister(s) as much as I did and creating fantastic memories for them and herself!

I hope that answers your question. If not, too bad, that's all I got.

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  1. :) Those are great memories! It's so true - the memories you make with your siblings are one of a kind.