Monday, September 21, 2009

Lily's 15 month appointment (even though she's almost 16 months)

She had her appointment on Friday. As usual her appointment was at 2 and we didn't get in and actually see a doctor until like 2:30 or so. BUT. The girl is healthy. 22 pounds 12 ounces (which puts her in exactly 50th percentile) 31.5 inches tall. (coincidentally also 50th percentile) And of course her head still hovers are right about 75th percentile.

She got four shots and had a hard recovery from that and the Dr. suggested she get her hemoglobin tested again since she was on the very low end of healthy range last time so just to make sure she's not heading in the wrong direction with her heart condition and all. So that entailed another finger prick (she had a rough day) But otherwise, she could do all the things the dr. asked about and seems to be a smidge ahead on a few things too.

She goes back in December and then she won't have any more shots (other than flu shots) until she is 4! So wonderful.

It's also set that she will see the pediatric cardiologist when she turns two also...though I'm sure he won't have anything new to say about her since her primary always says her heart sounds the same.

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