Friday, September 11, 2009

A Post in Pictures. (for the lazy blogger)

Labor Day 2009
MN Zoo
Lillian with the "puppies" also known as Wolves to those of us that have a vocabulary of more than 10 words. She is petting him here.

Lily and me. A nice picture of us too if I don't say so myself. (hey, check out my dimples)

Lily and Antie Amber. She came to the zoo with us, or rather we went with her. Thanks again Amber, we had fun!

Lillian with the Tiger statue at the MN Zoo. She is "petting the kitty" here.

Let's all give the "Kitty" a hug!

Lily also got to feed the giraffes, she got a kick out of it and had a VERY slimy hand at the end. But it was worth it. Only wish we had gotten pictures...I forgot my camera (some photographer I am huh) and Amber's battery died. Oh well, there is always next year.

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