Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy 3 Weeks to Claire!

I honestly can't believe we have survived the last 3 weeks.  She is so different than Lily was...or at least how I remember her.  But we love her anyway and so does Miss Lily.  So Happy 3 weeks Miss Claire.

Lily Loves her Little Sisser.  She gives her LOTS of hugs and kisses and is so patient and kind to her. 

This was Claire's first real bath.  Her Cord fell off pretty early at like 8 days old or so and so Lily was pretty excited to help me give her, her first official bath.

She just loves to be cuddled up tight and nice and warm.  She wasn't too thrilled to be stripped down and put into the water.  Afterwords she was pretty worn out and slept for quite a while.

Four generations of Omtvedt girls.  My grandma, my mom and my two girls.  Unfourtunately this picture was taken at my dads funeral whem Miss Claire was just 2 weeks old.  I will forever be sad that my dad did not get to meet Claire before he died.  I know he would have dug her.

Claire in her ladybug Jammies that my mom got for her.  She loves them and so does Lily!

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