Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our New Life....

We brought Claire home on the 4th.  She was pretty confused about when she should sleep and be awake and be fussy so the first couple of nights were pretty hard.  The second night Adam and I even took shifts so that we could at least get SOME sleep.  The third night she decided to sleep well for us though and we were oh so happy about that.  Of course like every newborn she was up every couple of hours to eat but it was manageable and she quickly fell back asleep after eating so we could at least sleep a little bit.

Lily is doing amazing with her baby.  She is so gentle and sweet and always wants to know where baby "care" is.  Of course she is out of her normal routine of daycare and such so she's had a bit of an attitude with us, though I guess I'm glad she takes it out on us instead of on Claire.

For now, with my lack of sleep I'm having a heck of a time being clever or funny.  So I'll leave you with some photos.  That should make up for the boring post at least.

Why can't I get those pictures to rotate?  *sigh*

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