Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome Claire Elizabeth!

Today was a special day in the Philippi house!  We welcomed our beautiful new daughter to our lives! 

Claire Elizabeth Philippi
Born at 10:57am
8lbs 6oz
20 inches long

Her birth was nothing short of amazing.  I mean really.  I had a great birth with Lily too and this even surpassed that!

We were scheduled for induction today at 7:30 am because I was already dilated to 4cm and having tons of contractions.  Here's how our morning went!

7:15 arrive at hospital and get signed in and head up to our room
7:30 nurse starts IV and we get stupid questions out of the way.
8:30 they start pitocin and Dr. comes in to break my water, I start having contractions immediately
9:30 we get the epidural, we chill for a while.
10:30 I feel pressure.  A lot of pressure, debate calling the nurse and just then she walks in.  She checks me, I am ready to start pushing.  She calls the dr.
10:45 Dr. gets here and I start pushing.
10:57 Claire is born.

I didn't get sick this time, I didn't bleed too much this time.  It just went great.  Of course Claire thought it would be fun to cry for basically 2 hours straight.  After her second bottle and a good bath she slept for a few hours which was nice.

Lily came to visit and she loves her baby sister so much.  She was sad we weren't all going home today though.  But she's in good hands.  And before she knows it, she'll wish we could put baby Claire back where she came from....


  1. I can't believe you're blogging already! Wow--that was such a quick birth, you are one lucky lady for sure. I am so glad everything went well, and so so happy for you! Congratulations!! She's beautiful.

  2. Congratulations again Miranda and Adam! She is beautiful!

    *Makes me want another one of my own :)*