Monday, March 9, 2009

I hate that it's dark out in the morning again.

The weekend was great! Friday we stayed home (lily and I). Adam had his sales conference so he was out late. So I couldn't sleep. It's funny too cause I LOVE to sprawl out in the middle of the bed. But without him there hogging the bed I just couldn't sleep. Then Saturday we went out for breakfast and got some cleaning done! It was great. My Sister in law came over and watched Lily so we could go out with some friends. A good time was had by all. After that Adam went out to the bar with some of his friends and I went to bed. About midnight I hear this awful noise but didn't think much of it. A minute or two later I realize I need to get up and find out what it is and turn it off. Turns out it was coming from Lily's room. Sarah must have bumped the alarm button on the white noise machine when she turned it on. SO I had to try and figure out how to turn that off. Which was no simple task since I had never used that feature before. And of course Lily woke up, looked at me and proceeded to scream. I debated picking her up but figured I'd leave her a while and see if she'd go back to sleep on her own. Which I left and Adam was home and came upstairs and she fell asleep relatively quickly which was nice. Sunday morning Adam got up with her and took her downstairs (thank you honey!) While I stayed in bed for a while cause I haven't been sleeping great lately. When I did get up I had to run to Sam's Club to get Diapers and formula and since I was out and about I did some shopping, nice long strolls around the stores. It was nice and when I got home Lily was napping.

Last night I slept GREAT! Thanks to some Tylenol PM. I don't think Lily made a single peep ALL night!

Adam started his new schedule today. M-F 9:30-6. Fun Fun. I'm not too thrilled with the idea of not eating dinner together so we may start eating later. Not sure yet. We'll have to see how the days play out. But they were both still sleeping when I left this morning. Lucky Ducks.

Tonight I hope I can get a workout in. If the weather is decent I think I will try and get Lily and myself out for a nice walk. We can bundle up and get some fresh air. We could BOTH use it!

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