Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the Irish?

Even if we aren't even just a smidge Irish? Either way we had a great day yesterday! Adam and I both seemed to be in a good mood, the check engine light went off in the Jeep, our MN tax refund came! The weather was GORGEOUS! So L-mons and I got out for a nice long walk, she loves to be outside and who can blame her, if I got to ride in the stroller and chill out I would Love them even more myself!

And when daddy got home we had some fun!

And these pictures were taken over the weekend. But she's wearing green and in honor of St. Patrick's Day I will post them!

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  1. She's just so time DF makes me go to the midwest (it's always for his family stuff or school reunions) I'm totally taking a detour to come visit you and Lily!