Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday's Session

Well Saturday was a great day! Had a good photo Session with this group! I'm happy with the way the photos turned out but disappointed that I didn't realize I had my camera set to the lowest quality during the session, *sigh* This is all a learning experience, and the pictures turned out great anyway!

Tori, 4 years old. I seriously wanted to keep her, she is just the CUTEST little girl EVER!

Fun times!

Molly and Jasen! Such a great pair to work with!

Madison and her dad.

Molly and her niece Tori.

Ellie, 3 years old. She wasn't so keen on me taking pictures of her, I got maybe 3 photos of her smiling, little does she know she was JUST as cute, if not cuter with the pouty face.

Madison, 6 years old. She was a dream, trying to help me get everyone to smile for me! I asked her if she would stay with me and help with all my photos and she happily agreed! My first Assistant!

Sisters, You can so tell they are sisters in this picture, it's all in the eyes. Beautiful girls!

Tori and her puppy Sarah.

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