Thursday, March 19, 2009

So I'm going for it!

I am going to jump in and really work on building my photography portfolio! I'm so excited! I feel like I really will do a great job! Now just to find people to photograph! (If you are interested in FREE photography service let me know)

So the last few days my focus has really been on getting my new blog (to be revealed soon enough) up and running. I want to get a few more sessions on there before I do my big reveal. Mainly because I have a lot of the same photos on there as I do on here so it's not like it would be news to anyone.

So, has anyone out there started a small business before? Help me out! Tips, pointers, advice? I'm all ears!

UPDATE: Website is up and running!! See it Here


  1. CONGRATS! That's so amazing! I'ld totally use you if I lived closer. The internet is your friend - use a blog, use Facebook, start your own website, and check into Google analytics. There are things you can do for free, and some you can pay for, to drive people to your website using Google.

  2. That's awesome! Good for you for going for it. Maybe you could try posting on craigslist? Just a thought!

  3. Good luck! I am sure you will do just fine!