Monday, March 30, 2009

Some things I learned this weekend...

Which I NEEDED to learn in order to pursue this dream.

You can have as many ideas for posed portraits as you want and you will either completely forget what poses you had in mind, OR the children will not co-operate. I learned that sometimes you have to take what you can get. For example I had a 3 year old that just simply did NOT want her picture taken. And oh man did I have grand plans for her, but they just didn't work out. So I took what I got and still got some amazing shots of her, in fact I think I got BETTER shots of her than the girls she was with, cause I was trying so hard to capture her. So lesson 1 learned.

I also learned that 18 months is a HARD age, So cute and fun but they sure don't wanna do what you WANT them to. Which again, just makes you work twice as hard to get that one fantastic photo. Who cares if you manage to snap 109 (no lie) photos and maybe only 20 of them are keepers! That's still 20 fantastic photos!

So I have learned that I really need to go into my sessions with more of an open mind, since it really throws me when i can't get what I want. Get some ideas and work with what I got.

I feel like a better photographer after only 2 sessions, I can only imagine how I'll feel after 10, or 20 or 30...


  1. Woooooohooo! See I told you it would go great! Congrats on getting your first few sessions in!

  2. Ah..the joys of working with children.. You definately have to be patient. You are doing great tho..keep up the good work! :)