Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So, what's in been now, like 4 years....

since I last posted? To say I've been busy lately is a gross understatement. But most of it's been all in fun! I got my website up and running and I am beyond excited. Adam and my Sister In Law (Thanks guys) seem to be taking care of the boring legal junk that I have no interest in. And let me just say, it is so wonderful to have such a great support system. I am beyond thankful to both of them for all their help!
Anyway, enough of the mushy barfoni stuff.

I took some 10 month/Easter photos of lily. I wish more of the ones with the ears would have turned out, they are super cute but she just wouldn't co-operate with me. She is too easily distracted by colorful things these days.

So some updates with her, she can officially pull herself up to standing. And she gets so excited every time she does it too. She gets this big crinkle nose grin and looks at you like "look what I did". She STILL doesn't crawl, but she manages to get around anyway by doing this crazy scooting technique. Whatever, it works for her and means we need to seriously get on the baby proofing. She also thinks that when you smell her feet and tell her they are stinky that that is the funniest thing EVER! But it's adorable. And of course she will hold her sock out for you to smell too, cause she is just generous like that. She waves Bye bye now. After working LONG AND HARD with her on that one. And we are currently working on clapping with her. She'll have it mastered before I know it.

Easter Bunny Lily

I absolutely LOVE this effect! I plan to do More of these in the future

Adam thinks her lips are creepy in this picture, and I promise she ISN'T wearing lipstick, the camera just really picked up the pink in her lips.

I saw this pose online somewhere and HAD to try it, and of course I LOVE it!

This one was kind of a fluke, I was testing out my back grounds and I happened to get this shot by accident. Isn't that the way it always works. Who cares, it's cute!


  1. These are really fantastic M. I can't wait to see where your business takes you :)

  2. Lily's such a happy little girl! I hope I can meet her some day.