Friday, November 19, 2010

37.5 week update

Well I technically turned 37 weeks on Tuesday.  Which was full-term!  So baby Claire is full term now, and we couldn't be happier!  Not that I was really worried about getting to this point but still, it puts your mind at ease.

I had my appointment today in hopes to reduce the amount of time I miss at work.

Everything looked good.  I don't remember my blood pressure (shame on me, I never do)  but they tell me it was good so that's all that matters.

Surprisingly I have gained A LOT less with this pregnancy than I did with Lily.  I'm not even sure how that happened.  With Lily I started off about 160 or so, lost 10-15 pounds in the beginning (thank you morning all day sickness) And ended at probably 210 or so.  I really stopped paying attention because it depressed me that essentially I gained 60 pounds or so.  Blech.  Dark days.  But this time, Sadly I started out higher, at right around 170 and I JUST broke 200 last week.  I can handle that.  Still more than ideal but whatever.  I feel better about it this time than I did last and have gained about half the weight.    Hopefully I can lose it quickly after.....but I digress as that's not what this post was for.

Last week I was 2.5 cm dilated already and she made sure to reassure me that that really didn't mean a whole lot especially since this is my second pregnancy.  I could sit at that for weeks.  *sigh*  Not always what you want to hear.  Even though secretly I was pretty excited because I did not dilate at all last time until I went into labor.  This week I am at "a good 3cm" her words, not mine.  And her advice to me was to make sure and eat dessert first on Thanksgiving.  Though I'm pretty sure that since we are having people over and I'm making dinner (which I'm actually pretty excited about since I've never hosted a holiday...ever) that I will get everything in the oven and then go into labor and miss it.  Cause that is just the way it is. 

Either way, She'll be here soon!  I doubt they will let me go past 41 weeks as lily was a larger baby, so I have LESS than 3 weeks to go!  Woohoo!  We can't wait to meet you Miss Claire!


  1. How exciting! You're almost there. I only made it to 3cm last time after 30 hours of labor induction, so I'd say you're doing pretty good!

  2. Exciting! I didn't know that you were hosting Thanksgiving! Fun, yet very stressful. I think the stress of hosting would put me into labor! LOL!