Monday, November 22, 2010

What a Weekend.

Saturday morning I had felt kinda off.  My back was hurting pretty bad and I really just wanted to sleep.  Alas, the 2 year old decided to get up and so we did.  We were going to decorate the tree and she was OH SO EXCITED about that.  I explained to her that I needed to put the lights on the tree first and Adam carried up all the bins.  Of course I plug in the Christmas lights and they do not work.  So Lily is freaking out about how she wants to decorate the tree, and darn it wouldn't you know that that tree had been sitting there for DAYS torturing the girl.  So I had to go to Walmart anyway and decided to just make a quick run then so I could get some lights for the tree.  The cheapest set of lights they had was $12 and I needed at least 2 sets for the tree.  So I made a judgement call and just bought a pre-lit tree since we were planning to do that after Christmas anyway.  But then I didn't have to buy the lights.  So I got home and we put up the tree and decorated it.  I still felt really off and had a hard time standing and doing anything for long periods of time.  But we got the tree decorated and done.  Which I am SO happy about.

Then around 10:45 or so I notice some pretty consistent contractions.  So I start to time them.  They were about 10 minutes apart at that point.  So I watched them for a while and they were gradually getting closer together but they weren't really painful.  Ultimately we decided to get ready just in case.  So we got bags packed and bathed and put the girl down for her nap.  I decided to go and get my groceries since at this point I was still pretty convinced that it was just BH (Braxton Hicks) contractions and we would not be going to the hospital and I would kick myself for not going since my coupons all expired that day.  So I go.  Get my groceries and come home.

Adam carried everything in and helped me put away the stuff that had to be refrigerated and we decide to time my contractions some more.  Four minutes apart.  So I watch them for a while...a good hour or so and decide we should go in.  Adam calls his mom (thanks again Gail!) to come and pickup the girl and I call the hospital and let them know we are coming and it'll be about 45 minutes or so til we get there.  We get to the hospital and they hook me up to the monitors and check me.  3.5 cm's pretty good considering I was 3 the day before.  At this point the contractions are still pretty painless and I begin to feel like an idiot for even coming in since I was certain they were just going to sent me home.  They decided to have me walk for an hour and then go back to my room to be re-checked and monitored again.  So we do that.  The whole time I just knew they were going to send me home.  Now walking for an hour.  That was SO much fun.  NOT.  But we did it.  Got back and re-hooked up.  Still 3-4 minutes apart.  A little more painful but not a ton, and probably more because I just walked for an hour.  They monitor me for another hour and then the nurse from hell comes in and rechecks me.  She was not gentle (I won't go into more detail than that).  And they tell me they are going to send me home.  *sigh*  A good wasted 3 hours of my weekend.

So since my mother in law had the girl, she just kept her over night.  So Adam and I were pretty hungry and decided to go and get a bite to eat at Perkins.  Which was kinda nice.  And of course to be able to sleep past 6:30 was wonderful on Sunday.  When I woke up the contractions had stopped and all was fine.  Of course we had a friend's kid's birthday party at 1:00 so we had to get the girl sooner so she could take a nap.  Alas, she did not nap.  So she was a beast ALL DAY.

Long story short.  Claire is already more difficult than her sister.  Let's hope this trend does not continue.

Oh and Dear Claire:  You can wait til the 29th now to come out so that we don't have to miss out on yummy food and visiting with family.  K. Thanks Bye.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a weekend you had! Sounds to me like Claire is going to definately make her appearance soon!