Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I want to clarify something....

Yesterday in my blog one of my options was to stay at home and still figure out a way to have some source of income.

I've had several people offer me opportunities like selling jewelry, or selling kids toys or selling pampered chef stuff.  And while I love that stuff, and love many aspects of that stuff it's really just not for me.  I sold Avon (several times actually)  And I could never make money on it.  It's true.  I suck at it.  In fact, it usually ended up costing me more money than I could bring in.

Oh I know what you're thinking....."You just don't know how to sell"  Which isn't true.  I KNOW what has to be done.  It's just not in my personality type to do them.  I can't be pushy or naggy or talk people into buying things that I haven't used myself or haven't tried, and if I have tried them I can't lie about whether or not I like them.  (And I LOVE Avon stuff)

I am just not a salesperson.  However, if someone would like to sell stuff FOR me and just give me the money I'd be all over that.  Yeah, I didn't think so. 

So thanks guys for the offers, I know you're doing a great job selling your stuff, it's just not for me.  Plus I don't think Adam would be too thrilled with me taking that up again. should ask him about that sometime.

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  1. I agree with everything you said. I tried selling from home once, it lasted like 6 months, not my personality either. When i dream about being a full-time SAHM selling some sort of product is not a viable option for supplementing DH's income.