Thursday, November 4, 2010

I suppose it even seems funny now

Back story:  I'm an idiot.  I thought I could just take Lily anywhere for a flu shot and she could get one and be done.  Reality, that is not the case.  Most places the kid has to be at least 16 or even 19.  I did find one that was 10 and one that was 4.  But the problem is, Lily is not any of those ages.  So I was stuck.  I had to call the clinic.  I had to take her in.  All this while I was trying to avoid having to pay the dang copay for a flu shot.  So I end up calling late.  After all the flu shot clinics are done at her normal Dr. Office.  And the only ones they have available are at another clinic here in town on Thursdays or in the next town over on Wednesdays.  Both days suck for me, as I have to take time off work, pull her out of daycare and pay the dang co-pay for the visit.  Now, normally I would have just probably skipped it as I don't think the flu shot is the be all and end all in medical importance, BUT we will have a newborn, who can't be vaccinated in prime flu season.  So I suck it up since I suppose it was mostly my fault for waiting so long and schedule her an appt at the clinic here in town.  For 9:15 this morning.  So I debated long and hard my options, as I start work at 7 and so 9:15 isn't the most convenient time for me.  I ultimately decided to just stay home and take her and then come to work after.

Fast Forward to this morning.  Miss Lily was super excited to go to the Dr. Yes, I think she is the only kid ever that LIKES going to the Dr.   We left the house at 9 because the clinic is close to the house and I new the general area it was located.  So I didn't think much of it.  Until I drive out there and I can't find a building marked as the clinic ANYWHERE.  After turning around and making several loops I ultimately decided to stop at the Business office (that I drove past several times) and asked them where the clinic was.  She takes me to the back door, points to a building a couple blocks away and says "See that green building over there? that's it."  Now this wouldn't have been a big deal had I planned ahead and actually gave myself some time.  But nope, at this point it was at least 10 after 9 or so and I'm holding Lily, 8 months pregnant and I have to make a choice.  The choice to either walk/run to the clinic to make it there on time, or to walk/run around the building and get back in the car and drive over, get out and hope I can make it in time.  Well I figured it would be quicker to just walk/run over.  So I'm carrying Lily, Running across these parking lots trying to make it there on time.  Then my brain starts swimming with thoughts about how I'm going to miss this appointment and have to reschedule and take MORE time off work and miss MORE daycare (that I have to pay for anyway)  And then the tears come.  Yes, I'm running across parking lots carrying my 28 pound little girl, crying.  Then miss Lily hugged me and told me this: "Calm down mommy, I'll wipe your tears for you"  Which of course made me cry harder because it was so unbelievably sweet.  So we finally make it to the clinic.  Now to find the door.  I put lily down and asked her to be a big girl and run with me so I can catch my breath a bit before we go in so I don't look like a crazed lunatic going into the clinic.

We get there at 9:17.  I was nervous.  I mean you all know how Dr.'s offices are.  They can make you wait for 45 minutes after your appt time but heaven forbid you are a few minutes late.  But thankfully they were understanding and she told me people get lost back there all the time.  Which actually made me feel a lot better.  So we get our form and go wait.  (we ended up waiting 5-10 minutes yet anyway)  Lily was happy though cause she got to watch the fish swim around in the fish tank.  We get called back to the room and she was happy.  Remember my kid loves the Dr. office.  Until we have to take her pants off so they can give her the shot in her leg.  She cried.  A Lot.  Poor thing.  But she was rewarded with a scratch n sniff Strawberry shortcake sticker.  She was happy, wanted to go and look at the fish again.  OK.  Fine, we made it, hopefully things will calm down now right?  WRONG.  She started crying when an elderly man in a wheel chair said hi to her.  I don't know what her deal was, but I figured we wouldn't subject all the poor people in the waiting room to her crying so we left.

I knew we had a walk back to the car but Lily usually wants to walk and the weather wasn't too bad so I assumed this would be a piece of cake.  Boy was I wrong.  She screamed to be carried.  Then screamed when I asked her to walk, So I carried her.  She cried anyway.  THE WHOLE WAY BACK TO THE CAR.  And she was carrying a paper and pen and it was windy so at one point the paper went flying out of her hands and I was left to run after it to make her just be quiet for 2 minutes.  I tried bribing her with Halloween candy I put in my purse as her reward for being good at the Dr.  That did not work, In fact I think it angered her more that I bribed her and she cried harder.  FINALLY we made it to the car and she stopped crying....which is where I started.  I was physically in a lot of pain (remember, 8 months pregnant) and tired and disappointed in myself for not planning ahead better.

So long story short....I've never been so happy to get to work than I was today.


  1. Oh Miranda, what a tough morning!

  2. Oh my gosh Miranda! What a morning you had. Hopefully the rest of your day goes much better. Just a heads up..I am not always the most prepared mother out there either BUT if you call the clinic and let them know that you are running late, they usually are more than fine with it. As we all know, doctors are NEVER on time! LOL!

  3. So sorry about your morning. Good to hear that you are happily at work now with no crying toddler. Hope the rest of your day goes so much better.