Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Predictable Thanksgiving Post

Things I'm thankful for this year:

My family.....My husband and my daughter and the new daughter that is about to arrive any day now.  We truly are blessed and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Even though I may complain about being pregnant or dealing with toddler tantrums or having to nag Adam to unload the dishwasher for the 6th time....I wouldn't change a thing. Those things make us who we are as a family and I think that's pretty neat.  Yes, I said neat.

My extended family.....My parents, I know they couldn't make it for Thanksgiving and they will be missed but better safe that sorry with the roads the way they are.  My brother and his wife who are coming up to visit us on Friday! And of course my In-laws....who go out of there way to be there for us, we are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with them this year.

My job (and Adam's)....Some people just aren't so lucky right now. 

Lily's Daycare.....Jane really is an extended part of our family and I'm thankful for the wonderful care that she provides for Lily.

Our home.....I know I definitely complain about this one.  I love our house, I really do.  It's just small.  But these days I know we are far more fortunate than some in that respect and in all reality it works for us.  And it's less to clean.  And we all know how much I love cleaning.

The Dog....I really don't give him much credit these days.  But he's a keeper, Lily loves him and he loves her (especially when she's eating)

Bedtime....Seriously.  It's probably my favorite part of the day.  Cuddle in bed with Adam and the girl.  Put her to bed and relax in my bed and watch crap tv.  I love it.

Of course the Obligatory, Our Health....We are very fortunate in that we rarely get sick and if we do it is short lived.  I hope Claire follows suite with that.

I think that's a good list.  I'm SURE I've missed some things and that's ok.  I'm really thankful for most things in my life.  Despite what you may have heard me say, I do consider myself a pretty lucky woman.

Hopefully you can find some things to be thankful for today and everyday!

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